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Winter reflections

John Miller, Food and Farming Manager, reflects on the moment of quiet in the fields as focus shifts to rejuvination as we prepare for the start of another growing season.

As winter begins to weave its way through the Chew Valley, we reflect on the quiet beauty and resilience of our nature-friendly farm. While the fields are resting after an intensely productive summer, our focus is drawn into rejuvenating the land and, of course, our team of growers! 

We are delving into a vital period in the Farm Calendar. We’re making the most of the tranquillity to clean and sort, to tinker and tighten, to grease and oil, all our tools and machinery, ensuring every blade, harrow, and plough is primed come spring. 

Out on the fields we cover the market garden beds in black plastic to kill the weeds, before sowing green manures and over-winter crops such as garlic and broad beans. This allows us to really hit the ground running when the new growing season begins next spring. The polytunnels remain in full production, with our spicy winter salad leaves bringing much needed freshness to our veg boxes. Our wonderful volunteers will be harvesting leeks in the fields well into the new year. We'll also be welcoming back a local flock of sheep to graze and fertilise our fields. Their presence not only helps manage vegetation growth but contributes to the health of our soil through natural fertilisation. 

After forensically reviewing the 2023 season, the growers have begun the planning phase for next year. They are strategically mapping out crop rotations, making the most of every inch of growing land we have. Our main objective is to streamline our harvests and extend the shoulder season beyond the summer and autumn, as well as introducing some exciting new crops. While a serene hush blankets the Farm, amongst the hibernation, there remains a hum of anticipation for the year to come.

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We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!