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Organic Food Delivery

Ethical trading

From suppliers to staff to customers, we do our best way to operate in the most ethical way possible.

This is how:

  • We only work with suppliers who share our values of honesty, respect for the living earth, fairness, openness and kindness.
  • We work closely with our local suppliers to ensure we pay a fair price for produce. We crop plan together, setting prices and, where possible, committing to buying set quantities. Our joint planning enables us to allow different growers to supply items throughout the year, supplementing our own field produce, whilst providing them with the security of income.
  • We are proud to pay all of our staff the living wage, from field workers to delivery drivers.
  • We believe that access to good, nourishing food should be a right, which is why we do all we can to keep our produce affordable. 
  • Food production should never be about maximising profits. Invariably, when people look to maximise profits, something falters: whether that’s environmental standards or human rights. That’s why we will always be a not-for-profit, and invest any surplus that we make from our veg boxes, back into our own Community programmes.
  • Our organisational structure, with a volunteer management committee and over 500 shareholder members, make sure we stay true to these principles and values.
  • Our promise to you is that when you buy veg from The Community Farm, you know you are contributing to a vibrant and healthy food system. A system that’s having a positive impact on people and the planet, and helping farms to thrive in an adverse marketplace that has been engineered to favour a false economy of putting cheap produce over our future.

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!